What do we do?

We help you get  work done. You identify the goals and scope of the project and we design processes to achieve them in an amazingly short amount of time!

Our Services:

Effectiveness Coaching- We work with you or your staff to review current work patterns. Through careful questioning, we investigate what habits might be impacting your success. Through our gradual release of responsibility model, we work with you to develop work flows and processes that fit your working style and improve your effectiveness.

Leadership Coaching- We believe coaching is an individualized process that builds a leader’s ability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. Our coaching process is highly personalized based on your working styles and preferences and organized around your schedule and timeline.

Group Facilitation- We design highly effective processes to help you accomplish your goals in an amazingly short amount of time. Stop wasting time and your staff patience and allow every group member, including the leaders, to be an active participant in essential decision-making processes. We plan, guide and manage your meetings and events to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking and good participation, resulting in full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

External Grant Evaluation-We support you in every phase of the grant process; identifying your goals, suggesting or developing assessments, drafting the evaluation section, conducting the evaluation, writing executive summaries and providing result slides for your presentations.

Blended Learning Professional Development- we provide research, support and guidance in the creation and implementation of blended instruction. Our sessions are designed to model blended strategies and immerse the participant in a blended experience as they learn to implement the strategies in their own classroom/environment. Our professional development can be delivered onsite, online or in a blended format based on the needs of the specific client.

Meeting Design-Using your specific goals, we design an agenda and processes, created to maximize the strengths of your team and produce results. Our focus is providing opportunities for each team member to provide input and the opportunity to be part of successfully accomplishing goals.

Online Professional Development- We create and implement online professional learning activities. These include combining all of the available modes and methods for collaboration and learning- onsite, online, and webinar formats to meet every professional learning need.

Group Seminars- We provide customized collaboration training for groups. You will learn practical frameworks and processes that will apply to your current needs. Leaders and group members will learn ways to influence and attain more productive and satisfying meetings. Every seminar is developed based on a pre-assessment of the group and designed to fit the specific needs of the team.

Strategic Planning- We effectively identify and include all stakeholders in the process of developing a clear, effective vision, mission and focus for your organization. This begins with the review of the current state of your organization and examination of relevant data and artifacts. We then utilize this information to design a unique process and timeline to develop a deeply held and enduring strategic plan.